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myJewelCache: Catalog & Organize your Jewelry

myJewelCache is an all-in-one organizer for your Jewelry. It provides a convenient way for you to keep a detailed inventory of your Jewelry, keep track of your Favorite Jewelry, Looks, Travel List, Purchases, and much more.

Benefits to using myJewelCache

Detailed Inventory: Keep detailed information on your Jewelry, including, Name, Designer, Collection, Category, Style, Size, Length, Purchase Details, and much more.

Stop buying duplicate items Save money by knowing what jewelry you already own.

Know how much money you spend on Jewelry. If you are on a budget, you can quickly see how much money you’ve spent each month or year.

Keep track of Jewelry you giveaway, donate or sell.

** And much more!

myJewelCache Overview:

Here is an overview of the different sections in the myJewelCache app:


Keep detailed information on the Jewelry you own


Keep track of the Jewelry Looks that you create

Travel List

Keep a list of Jewelry you take with you when traveling

Wish List

Keep track of the Jewelry you want to purchase


View how much money you have spent on Jewelry


View detailed Statistics on your Jewelry

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